The Northport Bass Club (NBC) is a member of the Alabama Bass Federation Inc. (ABF)

The ABF is one of the fifty-one states and international federations that make up the amateur arm of The Bass Federation (TBF).

The TBF is an industry partner of FLW Outdoors (FLW).

By being a member of the NBC, you will eligible to fish the ABF qualifiers. Typically four qualifiers are held each year throughout the state. By placing at a certain level in a qualifier, or by finishing at a certain level in points in a combination of qualifiers, you could be eligible to fish the ABF State tournament, but in order to do so you MUST be a member of FLW PRIOR to fishing a qualifier. You must be at least a “standard competitor” level member of FLW. The cost for “standard competitor” FLW membership at this time is $25 a year.

Leaders in the ABF AOY points will make up the Alabama state team to go on to represent Alabama in the TBF regionals for possible winnings which could include tournament fee’s, truck and boat use for one year in the FLW tour, and also entry into the FLW All-American tournament.

Members of the NBC are also eligible for discounts through the ABF for many product brands, such as: Hummingbird, Minn-Kota, All-Pro Rods, to name a few. Sometimes these discounts can be substantial, so before you purchase a ABF sponsor brand please check pricing through the ABF to see if you can save.

If you have further questions about the qualifiers, state, ABF or the TBF, or product discounts, please contact Troy McGee, who is a member of our club as well as the District 5 representative of the ABF.